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i am destroyer, i am lover.

18 April 1991
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for you i'd bleed myself dry

sheryl. 20. texan. republican. non-denominational christian. brownhair browneyes. generally insane. pairing whore. prides herself as being a writer but is too lazy to ever write anything. ironically an english major with a focus in creative writing. hypocritical. obsessive like no tomorrow.

likes. kingdom hearts. music. writing. drawing. reading. anime. manga. cosplay. cons. tons of computer. blogging. friends. photography. singing. food. sleep.

fandoms. kingdom hearts. fruits basket. tiger & bunny. ouran high school host club. glee. stephen king. panty and stocking with garterbelt. soul eater. a very potter musical/sequel. slender man myth/marble hornets/tribe twelve. durarara!! baccano! persona 4. silent hill 3. puella magica madoka/oriko/kazumi magica. final fantasy. fullmetal alchemist. death note. harry potter. twilight (???). ghost hunt. vampire game. pendergast novels. homestuck.

i love new friends. (: since my journal currently isn't friends-only, feel free to friend me if we share some interests. and if you like kh, that's always a major plus. 8D but please be sure to comment / pm me first! i don't like adding complete strangers. D:

prettysquarebox - icon journal
thelongoodbye - musebox

myanimelist & mymangalist (up-to-date)
fanfiction (i don't write anymore)
deviantart (i don't even know)
cosplay (lol don't even look at this)
youtube (you can look at my awesome favorites)

¤ i am NAMINE ( keybladerating )
¤ i am ROXAS ( o13_identity )
¤ i am DENNY brosh ( hagaren_rating )
¤ i am TAMAKI suoh ( hostclub_rating )
¤ i am KAGURA sohma ( furuba_rating )
¤ i am YUFFIE kisaragi ( chocobo_stamps )
¤ i am TOBIAS ( toby ) ragg ( sweeney_rate )
¤ i am WILLY wonka ( depp_rating )
¤ i am MISA amane ( dn_rating )
¤ i am ALICE cullen ( twilightstamps )
¤ i am JESSICA stanley ( twilightstamps )
¤ i am YAZOO for a villain ( chocobo_stamps )
¤ i am OOGIE BOOGIE for an antagonist ( keybladerating )
¤ i am a NINJA job class ( chocobo_stamps )

¤ i look like RIKKU ( chocobo_stamps )
¤ i look like SAYU yagami ( dn_mirror )
¤ i look like RIKKU ( keybladerating )
¤ i look like the lovechild of YUFFIE kisaragi and
AERITH gainsborough ( keybladerating )
¤ i look like JOHANNA barker ( sweeney_rate )

¤ my match is RIKU ( keybladerating )
¤ my match is JACOB black ( twilightstamps )
¤ my world is WONDERLAND ( keybladerating )
¤ my keyblade is ULTIMA weapon keyblade ( keybladerating )
¤ i look like i'm from DESTINY ISLANDS ( keybladerating )

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